Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to questions you may have.

  • What services does your company provide for architecture firms?

    We offer a range of services to support architecture firms, including 3-D modeling, project documentation, budget and schedule management, business improvement, and administrative support.

  • What engineering-specific services does do you provide?

    At WeCollabify, we specialize in providing talent proficient in CAD, Revit, Inventor, SolidWorks, Unreal Engine, and other leading platforms, tailored to a wide array of project needs including structures, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), manufacturing, and beyond.

  • How can outsourcing help my architecture firm save money?

    Outsourcing can help you save money by eliminating the need for placement fees and reducing the costs of hiring and managing employees, such as insurance and payroll taxes. On average outsourced staff can save an architectural firm up to 75% of the cost of hiring a permanent staff member.

  • How does your pricing structure work?

    We offer a fixed monthly rate for our outsourced staff members, and our pricing is transparent and free of hidden costs.

  • Can I hire one or more dedicated staff members for my architecture firm?

    Yes, we offer the flexibility to hire one or more dedicated staff members, based on your business needs.

  • What are the qualifications of your outsourced staff?

    Our outsourced staff members are highly qualified professionals with expertise in 3-D modeling, project management, and business support. They undergo a rigorous selection process and receive ongoing training and support to ensure quality work output.

  • How do you ensure the quality of the work done by outsourced staff members?

    We have a rigorous hiring and training process for our outsourced staff members, ensuring they have the necessary skills and experience to perform their job duties. We also provide ongoing support and oversight to our staff members to ensure they are meeting our quality standards. Additionally, we work closely with our clients to ensure their specific needs and expectations are being met.

  • Can I communicate directly with my outsourced staff members?

    Yes, you can communicate directly with your outsourced staff members via email, phone, or video conferencing. They are part of your team! We encourage open communication between our clients and staff members to ensure the best possible outcomes for all parties involved.

  • What happens if I'm not satisfied with the work done by an outsourced staff member?

    If you are dissatisfied with the work done by an outsourced staff member, please let us know immediately. We will work with you to identify any issues and make the necessary changes to ensure your satisfaction. If necessary, we can provide a replacement staff member to ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction.

  • How quickly can I get started with outsourcing?

    We can typically have an outsourced staff member up and running within 2-4 weeks of signing an agreement, depending on your specific needs and the availability of staff members.

  • How do I pay for outsourced staff members?

    We have a transparent pricing structure that includes a fixed monthly rate for each outsourced staff member. We offer several payment options, including wire transfer and ACH transfer. We will work with you to find a payment option that works best for your business.

  • What is your process for hiring and training outsourced staff members?

    We have a rigorous hiring process that includes multiple rounds of interviews and skills assessments to ensure that we hire the most qualified candidates. Once hired, our staff members undergo comprehensive training to ensure they are well-versed in the latest industry tools and practices.

  • Can I hire outsourced staff members for short-term projects?

    Yes, we offer short-term staffing solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We understand that projects can vary in length and scope, and we are committed to providing flexible solutions to fit your needs.

  • Do you offer a trial period to test out your services?

    While we don't offer a specific trial period, our contracts do come with a 30-day cancellation clause. This means that if you are not satisfied with your new staff member at any point, you can provide Wecolobify with 30 days' notice and cancel your contract.

  • How do I know if outsourcing is right for my architecture firm?

    Outsourcing can be a valuable solution for any architecture firm looking to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and scale its operations. We recommend speaking with one of our experts to determine if outsourcing is the right fit for your specific needs.

  • Can outsourcing help me improve my architecture firm's efficiency?

    Yes, outsourcing can help improve your architecture firm's efficiency by providing you with a dedicated team of experts who can handle tasks that are either outside your core competencies or taking up too much time from your most valuable staff members. This allows you to focus on your core business functions and improve your overall efficiency.

  • Can outsourced staff members work on sensitive or confidential projects?

    Yes, we understand the importance of confidentiality in the architecture industry and take all necessary measures to ensure the security of our clients' data and information. We have strict confidentiality agreements in place with all of our staff members.

  • Can outsourced staff members be available during my business hours?

    Yes, since our staff members work in a US time zone, we can ensure that they are available during your business hours. We understand that effective communication and collaboration are essential to the success of any project, and we make it a priority to ensure that our staff members are available during your business hours. We also use project management tools that allow for seamless communication and collaboration, regardless of location.

  • What is the experience level of your outsourced staff members?

    Our staff members are highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the architecture industry. We carefully vet our candidates to ensure that they have the necessary skills and experience to meet our clients' needs.